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WFAEats: Keeping It Sweet And Fat

In the category of Things That Are Really No Surprise comes a bold new study claiming that humans crave foods that are sweet, fatty, and especially a combination of both. This is not news to those us enjoying a doughnut or a biscuit with jam this morning. Nevertheless, scientists found an interesting tool to use when measuring our desire for these foods: money.

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Episode 3: It's Not Him*

An Investigative Podcast On Sexual Assault

The Conversation: A Father's Day Reminder From Science

1 hour ago


I am one of those men for whom it is impossible to find Father’s Day gifts.

The Conversation: Navigating The Tricky Waters Of Being A Stepdad

6 hours ago


The American family is evolving. Fifty years ago, a nuclear family of two biological parents and children was the norm. But divorce rates and growing numbers of single parents have opened up more opportunities for the formation of stepfamilies (one biological parent, one nonbiological parent plus children of the biological parent).

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Monday, June 18, 2018

Suicide is on the rise in America, and recent celebrity deaths have brought a renewed focus. How can warning signs be spotted? Mike Collins talks with a researcher and two people whose lives have been touched by suicide, including a suicide survivor.

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Charlotte Mecklenburg police say the cases of two women who reported that they were drugged at nightclubs at the downtown Epicentre entertainment complex in recent weeks are still active investigations. At a press conference today, Sgt. Chris Rains did not release specifics about the cases but said the drug allegations are still being investigated.

North Carolina Attorney General Josh Stein, along with 42 other state attorneys general, announced a $100 million settlement with Citibank over fraudulent conduct concerning interest rates.

Electric utility vehicles
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A proposal working its way through the Charlotte City Council takes aim at climate change, by setting a goal of converting city buildings and vehicles to clean energy within 12 years. The city also wants to encourage residents and businesses to adopt more environmentally friendly practices.

Erin Keever

Friday, June 15th, 2018

On the local news roundup, we're live from the Heroes Convention in Uptown Charlotte! Mike Collins and our roundtable of reporters discuss the week's top local and regional news- including the city passing a budget with higher taxes, the county taking a step towards adopting their budget, and Atrium planning to spend $1 billion on upgrades on facilities in the Queen City. 

CLT Airport Twitter
CLT Airport Twitter

American Airlines expects its regional carrier PSA Airlines will resume normal flight schedules around noon today. Hundreds of people have been stranded at Charlotte Douglas International Airport after the airlines cancelled 600 flights throughout its system last night and this morning – about half of them originating in Charlotte.

A bill addressing opioid abuse by creating new crimes against medical workers and granting certain police investigators easier access to prescription records awaits Governor Roy Cooper’s signature. The Senate quickly approved the measure, known as the HOPE Act, 41-3 Thursday.


Updated 11:40 p.m.
North Carolina lawmakers will have to iron out their differences on how to pay for a buyout or changes to the NCDOT's controversial contract for toll lanes on I-77 near Charlotte. That's after the House late Thursday failed to concur on Senate changes to a House transportation bill. 



Finding Home

WFAE is following a Charlotte mother who is seeking a permanent home amid a lifetime of upheaval.

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